Audio Scriptures for Kids

Book of Mormon

1 Nephi 1

1 Nephi 2

1 Nephi 3

1 Nephi 4

1 Nephi 5


New Testament

Matthew 1








Sound Effects by…


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4 thoughts on “Audio Scriptures for Kids

  1. These readings are amazing. I want to be known as “the grandma who has the cool scriptures readings.” Thanks for all the time you put into them.

  2. Chas, these are wonderful! I was so excited when I found them then sad that it’s only a few chapters. What do we need to do to help you do the whole Book of Mormon? My kids need more!

  3. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Not only did it help bring the scriptures to life for my kids but they were excited to listen. A definite family win for us. I second Steve! We want more!!!

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