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2 thoughts on “News

  1. Chas Hathaway,

    Are you still working on the audio Book of Mormon for Kids? I am really interested in buying your 1 Nephi & 2 Nephi CD if you have it finished.

    I loved listening to the old audio Book of Mormon when I was 5 years old. I actually first read the Book of Mormon that way when I was really young. However all of those were on Cassette tapes, so I am looking for a version on CD.

    Gretchen Steinheiser

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not doing the project. When I started the project, I was under the assumption that the raw text of the Book of Mormon was public domain. What I didn’t take into account was the fact that there have been minor spelling/grammar changes in the last hundred years that make the text of the present Book of Mormon still under copyright.

    Of course I wanted to make sure to do this appropriately, so I went through the proper channels to request permission to continue the project, but they turned down my request. I may try going through my publisher the next time, since they would have a better chance of getting the permissions, since they’ve worked directly with the church on copyrights before, but we’ll see. I can understand the church’s position. I’m sure they have individuals requesting permission for all kinds of things, and they want to be sure to protect the reputation of the church. I don’t think their issue was with the project itself, but just a standard procedure to prevent problems that might come from others who might abuse the privilege.

    Either way, the project is on temporary, possibly permanent hold.

    Have you tried using the audio version on the church website? They allow you to download the entire audio Book of Mormon (or any of the standard works) from the site. From there you can either listen on your phone or burn it onto CDs totally legitimately. It’s really awesome of them to make it available for free like that.

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