Who is Chas Hathaway?

I am an author, musician, dad, and X-grave digger. Seriously, I worked 6 months in a cemetery. I was mostly the lawn-care guy, but I did get to help in the cemetery once in a while. Once we were digging a grave and struck a vault – the cement box that the coffins are kept in. That was an interesting day. Of course that doesn’t beat the day we had to dig a guy up to and bury him somewhere else. He’d only been there a couple years, and I guess there was some family dispute, and they decided they wanted him moved. Well, that’s all fine and good, but we were the ones who got to do the dirty work.

Did you know that graves are usually dug the day before the service? Oh, they cover them with boards, but it sits there overnight. Did you also know that if the next morning is cool enough, heavy mist will rise from the hole when it is uncovered? I can tell you, that’s a sight to see. I could tell you stories from other cemetery workers that might give you chronic heeby-jeebies, but I’m sure you’re already losing faith in my character, so I’ll stop.

I been an active writer since 2004. Even earlier than that I’ve always enjoyed writing. I started keeping a daily journal when I was 13, and that started a pattern of regular writing that has continued to this day. My first book, a memoir of my missionary experiences in South Africa, was self-published in 2010, and Cedar Fort published my book, Marriage is Ordained of God, but WHO Came Up with dating? in 2011.

While music and writing are my most time-consuming hobbies, I also enjoy gardening, inventing games, and most of all, spending time with my beautiful wife and adorable little kids.


Contact me directly at chashathaway@willowrise.com


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Chas Hathaway is the author of the books Scripture Study Made Awesome, Marriage is Ordained of God, but WHO Came Up with Dating? and Giraffe Tracks. Learn more at chashathaway.com. Please participate in the conversation by adding comments and sharing with friends on the web!

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  1. Hi Chas
    I love all of your arrangements, and have purchased several–mostly at sheetmusic.com
    Two days ago on your website I purchased Gethsemane . I wanted it for solo piano, but instead I received SATB, which I do not want. How can I exchange or purchase the piano version that you have on youtube?
    Donna dlomenpiano@yahoo.com The music was purchased under my husbands paypal eriklomen@yahoo.com

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