Ideas for Making Christmas More Meaningful

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Ideas by Annette P. Bowen, from the Article, Avoiding a Very Harried Christmas, from the December 1990 Ensign:

Ideas for simplifying your Christmas Season

  • Start early—getting the shopping done by Thanksgiving is worth more than all the pennies saved
  • Simplify your plans—eliminate any unnecessary things from your December calendar
  • Let the music ring—it really is okay to like Christmas music. Get a Spotify or Pandora account
  • Slow down!
  • Spend time loving your own family

From Ensign November 1995 Random Sampler:
Service Oriented Ideas

  • Go caroling. If getting your family around is too much, do some digital caroling
  • Invite a lonely person to join you for Christmas dinner and other celebrations
  • Secretly deliver treats or gifts to someone in your neighborhood. Do a spiritually centered 12 Days of Christmas
  • Volunteer at a local charitable organization.
  • Visit a nursing home or other care facility.

Family Oriented Ideas

  • Let paper chains, straws in the manger, or other ornaments represent the good deeds of family members.
  • Exchange some gifts of service rather than store-bought presents exclusively.
  • For family home evening, have each family member tell a favorite Christmas story from the scriptures, Church magazines, or other sources.
  • Listen to Christmas carols together as you bake, clean, and prepare for the holidays.

Worshipful Ideas

  • Display a picture of Christ or a nativity scene in a prominent place in the home.
  • Read as a family the biblical accounts of Christ’s birth as well as the account in the Book of Mormon (see Hel. 14, Hel. 16; 3 Ne. 1).
  • Act out the story of Christ’s birth.
  • Discuss the spiritual meanings of Christmas symbols.
  • Spend time naming and giving thanks for gifts from Heavenly Father.

Decorating Ideas

  • Have a tree of life Christmas tree
  • Draw or paint your own nativity as a family

Other Ideas

  • Read some of the less traditional accounts of Christ’s birth: In addition to Luke 2 and Matt 2, read 1 Nephi 12, Helaman 13, and 3 Nephi 1. Or go to the Topical Guide, look up Jesus Christ, Birth of, and read the verses listed
  • Have a devotional where each family member shares what they are going to give Heavenly Father for Christmas
  • Have a family (maybe even extended family) testimony meeting. Share or write them down.
  • Talk about the Savior’s second coming

WARNING: DON’T try to do all of these ideas. Just pick one or a few. The idea is not to make the season busier, but more meaningful and Christ-centered.

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