1 Nephi 1: Audio Scriptures for Kids

Nephi CartoonThis is the first chapter of my audio scriptures intended for kids. Most of the audio scriptures out there are great… for adults. I hope with this version, kids will enjoy listening to the scriptures, too. The chapter is word-for-word straight from the book, but dramatized, with some sound effects and music.

I’ll create more such chapters based on demand, so be sure to let me know if your kids like it!



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5 thoughts on “1 Nephi 1: Audio Scriptures for Kids

  1. Two comments FABULOUS!!!! and LONG OVERDUE!!!!!! My humble and grateful praises to you!!!!! Much to my chagrin, and despite a great desire to do so, even as an adult I have not successfully been able to either “read” or “listen to on CD” or successfully read the “daily scripture e-mails” from front to back the Book of Mormon! Please continue!!!!! Anything I can do to help further this great work!!!!! Please let me know. You might have different voices read for different characters, the sound effects really help to bring this to light. Perhaps you can have a childlike illustration book (not unlike what is here on your site) to go along with – kind of like the old Disney books when you hear the tone turn the page. I would pay handsomely for this edition, I might actually stay interested enough to make it all the way through and the sounds help tell the story for those of us who are ADD and who’s minds start to wander at the same monotone voice on the CD’s that are currently available. The pictures would help tell the story and keep parents and kids interested. If it’s black and white pencil outline drawings like on your site, the kids could use colored pencils to color in the pictures as they are listening, with maybe a few key words or summary phrase in the picture to help them understand what the picture illustrates or what that section is about) names of the characters, etc. YOU ROCK!!!

  2. What a great comment, Nancy! And I love those ideas. I’m taking notes here!

    Thank you!

  3. Terrific! I really appreciate it, my five year old son was glued to the computer until the end and that is an amazing feat. He like scriptures but has a short attention span. Can’t wait for more.

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