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Lex De Azevedo, A Closer Look at Popular Music

Here’s a link to the LDS film site we mentioned in the podcast: http://www.ldsfilm.com/

Here’s a list of popular LDS artists – most of which were not around during the “I’ll Build You a Rainbow” era.  Not to diss the song or anything, but it’s definitely an oldie.  All of the musicians listed here have at least some LDS-themed music.  This list is not comprehensive, but these are some of the leaders of their genre:

Katherine Nelson
Jenny Jordan Frogley

Greg Simpson

Mindy Gledhill
Hilary Weeks
Cherie Call
Jenny Phillips

Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band

Peter Breinholt

Jason Deere

Alex Boye

New Age Piano
Paul Cardall
Jon Schmidt

George Dyer


Classical Instrumental
Steven Sharp Nelson
Jenny Oaks Baker

Julie de Azevedo – We had to throw her in here because she’s Lex de Azevedo’s daughter AND we LOVE her stuff!

Chas Hathaway – Sorry, had to! 🙂

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